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Kevin McAllister Jan 20, 2023

I spoke to Sharon today concerning my situation and made me feel comfortable with the next steps to take. She will handle you with care and understanding. I am glad that I found her.

Zach Crockett (TechPros) Dec 11, 2021

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Remi Fields Oct 18, 2021

Of course no one wants to go through a divorce but if faced with that situation I would highly recommend Sharon and her team. Sharon took the time to listen to both of our needs and made sure we were doing the right thing for our two year old. Her staff is amazing and was very helpful along the way! Thank you Sharon and team for helping us navigate one of the hardest times in our lives and reach an amicable agreement!

Bo Najdrovsky Aug 26, 2021

For reasons still somewhat inexplicable to me, I suddenly found myself facing a divorce. Fortunately, my wife had agreed to handle this very difficult situation as amicably as possible, so instead of an expensive lawyer battle before a divorce court we chose to use Sharon Easley at Divorce Mediation to help us fairly divide our community estate that was acquired during the course of our marriage. Sharon is an experienced mediator, with a no-nonsense attitude and a plenty of experience in handling what could easily become a contentious property division process. She made sure that both my wife and I had a clear understanding of what is considered a fair division of assets under the law, and she worked with both of us to make sure that neither party felt like they were getting "the short end of the stick." In our case, the entire process took around 5 hours to complete. From personal perspective as the main provider in our marriage I had the most to lose, but I walked out of there with a sense of fairness and equitability. I wanted to treat my wife fairly, but at the same time I didn't want to be "taken for a ride" and I feel that both of these things were accomplished. Thanks to Sharon for making a very difficult event in one's life a little bit easier to bare, and clearly saving some money in the process.

Robert Page Sep 22, 2020

I didn't and I bet no one enters into a marriage with the idea or plan that it will end. If it must, then I would strongly recommend mediation & the services of this company. The environment created was where no party was placed in a position "to blame" or "to be blamed." The concern and care for ensuring both parties are equitably represented was a central focus in not only the questions asked but in the documents drafted and presented to both parties at the same time to review. The most painful part for me was just signing the final documents, but what provided me with a small moment of peace was the kind words shared by Ms. Easley at the end of mediation. I strongly recommend her company, but I pray you will never need her.

Amanda T Sep 01, 2020

Although divorce is never what you intend to go through it happens and when it does it’s never easy. Sharon took the time to hear what we had to say about our situation and how we wanted it handled. She voiced her concerns and gave both of us input on the matter. She made the process easy and commended us on how we could see eye to eye on what’s best for our children. She is definitely the person I would recommend to anybody that I know going through divorce. Not only do you save money, but it keeps everything on an even playing field with common sense decisions. She can see what’s best for the family especially when there are children involved. Thank you for the help, advice and direction.

Rebecca Cronk May 01, 2020

If you are going to divorce, I strongly encourage everyone go through divorce mediation rather than using attorneys. The cost is so much lower this way which means in the end, more money in your pocket. Sharon is very knowledgeable, very fair to both sides and great about keeping both parties calm and on track during the process. I highly recommend Sharon.

Heather Baggett Apr 07, 2020

While divorce is never easy, Sharon brings experience, objectivity, kindness and compassion to the mediation process, which brings tremendous peace of mind. I'm grateful for her and Veronica to guide us through this process. I would highly recommend Sharon.

Tim Church Oct 29, 2019

Sharon was an absolute pleasure to work with. I work with many, many lawyers in my professional life and I can not overstate how great she is to work with. I really appreciate her non-nonsense approach combined with openness. I truly knew that she cared for my best interests.

jeremy johnson Oct 03, 2019

I couldn't have been more pleased working with Sharon. Her knowledge and experience made the mediation process stress free and both myself and ex wife felt very confident in the decisions we made. Sharon answers all of your questions and couldn't be a better guide throughout from meetings to paperwork to filing with the county. Not to mention the money everyone saves by avoiding court. I cant recommend her enough

Anthony lawani Apr 21, 2019

Thanks to the entire staff of Sharon M Easley Law Firm for your dedication and professional service.

Hila Eyal Mar 26, 2019

If only I met her early in the process! Sharon was able to help my ex husband and I navigate through very challenging decisions that were not resolved between our attorneys and other professionals through a collaborative process. We walked away from her sessions feeling that the kids' best interest was always the top priority and she gave us the perspective that we needed when we had to each compromise on things. She took us to the finish line. I highly recommend her as a mediator and know that when and if I need additional help post divorce, she will be my first choice!

Lauren Aug 09, 2018

Y’all I cannot speak highly enough of Sharon Easley and her team. We weren’t expecting this to go to the level it did. With my ex showing up pretty much last minute ( thought it wouldn’t be contested), Sharon worked diligently to pull out all the stops and work hard to protect my daughter. She took the other side off guard, having Information available that took this case to another level. She OWNED the courtroom and put the other side to shame. This woman has been changing lives for 25 years and I can see why. This might sound minimal. A simple name change. It was anything but. The complexity with a minor requesting a chance is not an easy feat. She went against the grain and spoke to my child who wanted to testify. This apparently is not common / allowed with these arguments. She had faith in my child and explained to the judge why she felt Kay would be able to articulate herself and the more than generous judge allowed for it. Again- not something typical at all. With Sharon’s confidence, intelligence and experience, she left the other side grasping at straws and visibly losing their composure. It was comparable to a cheetah taking down a baby gazelle. If you’re looking for someone willing to take unconventional chances to make changes in the standard family law outcome- call Sharon. She’s a beast and she wins. She’s willing to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t. I’m grateful for her, and she’s been a crucial part in teaching- and allowing my child to speak up against those who wrong her and giving her a rare opportunity to prove one should always act against what’s wrong. Allowing her to prevail in the end. We made changes today and it’s because she had faith in a Childs voice and took the leap of faith needed to offer my child a brighter future. Thank you Sharon. We will never be able to express just how much you’ve impacted our lives.

anonymous Jun 18, 2018

I've dealt with lawyers who really couldn't care less about supporting their clients and Sharon Easley is not one of them. You may not speak with her everyday but you can trust she is on your case. These things take time. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable in her field and will represent you fairly. Honesty is the best policy. If a client isn't upfront and is hiding stuff, you can bet they won't get a fair deal. I've hired Sharon to represent me and have every confidence that she will be the reason we walk away from our situation victorious. She's easy to speak with and very understanding. Sharon has given me the confidence to believe everything will be alright and I can relax.

Andrew Snyder Nov 23, 2017

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Edward Jul 30, 2017

I have know Ms Easley for 15 years and have utilized her services in business as well as domestic issues. Sharon is the most ethical and effective attorney of which I have ever been in contact. As a small business owner that sells to retail outlets, I have had several issues that required consultation and representation with her to include divorce cases from members of my family or friends. I recommend Sharon for any case in which she feels she is qualified. Most of the judges in this area know that when Sharon takes a case, especially where children are involved that she will not move forward unless it is in the best interest of the child. Therefore going into the courtroom that awareness is there. I have several friends that are either present or retired judges and to a person they respect Sharon and will be the first to admit that if a negative post appears regarding her it is probably from a client or lawyer that was at the opposing table in the courtroom. Her fees are very reasonable and results oriented.

Tom Jul 26, 2017

Sharon represented me approximately two years ago. I could not have asked for or had a more worthy advocate in and out of the courtroom. She carefully explained to me everything that was going on in my case. In the courtroom she provided me very professional representation. When she was referred to me I was told that other lawyers respected her and her experience and that was evident. Her fees were very reasonable and I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone that was looking for affordable first class representation.

Kayla Jan 02, 2017

Sharon helped us get through a very difficult case that had already lasted far too long when we hired her. Sharon is truly passionate about helping her clients and she has a commanding presence in the courtroom. If you are experiencing a custody issue or divorce that seems impossible to resolve, give Sharon a call you won't be sorry.

Gary Jun 28, 2016

I have had to hire Sharon to defend me three different times over the last 15 years. It is a great feeling to walk into a bad situation knowing you have the most knowledgeable, honest and caring Lawyer on your side. She is tough and I would never want to be in a situation against her. I never wondered about the counsel she gave me because I knew, beyond the shadow of doubt, she would hammer and hammer and hammer (hahaha, I have been watching way too much TV). Seriously, without a doubt the best Attorney around. I always knew the advice she gave me was based on her years of experience and with my best interest in mind. Not only did she provide legal counsel she provided counsel on how things would affect my child. If your looking for a Lawyer that you can trust to fight on your behalf you will not find anyone better than her.

DS Jul 06, 2015

I'd seen enough to believe all attorneys were in it for the money and didn't truly care about their clients at the end of the day, until I hired Sharon. She cares only for doing what is right, which is the most important thing. Her efforts, over years sticking with me through several legal/custody actions, helped me get the majority of the rights for my son. She listened to me, worked with me and trusted me, but that paled in comparison to all she did to help my son which is her priority. I saw what a couple of well known lawyers would do for money versus doing right, and I wouldn't trade Sharon for them or any attorney in North Texas.